Licht Years

where are you going, where have you been?

the calm









before the storm

it was eerily quiet on my walk today
very few birds
just a couple squirrels
was everyone hunkering down
in preparation for the storm?

tomorrow at this time
we will be covered in a blanket of white

23 thoughts on “the calm

  1. roughwighting

    Good luck tomorrow – hope the humans are as smart as the animals, and hunker down at home as the wind howls and the snow flies. I could feel the peace as the ‘hunkering’ takes place, through your beautiful photos.

  2. Created ~

    Lovely photos. Everything seems so peaceful and quite. I wish it would snow here in The Bahamas for once 🙂 Oh boy, that would be a day!

    1. soonie2 Post author

      Haha…that would certainly be a day! It is quiet and peaceful but I wish I were in the Bahamas! Thanks for your nice words. Hope you’re enjoying a nice warm, sunny day!

  3. Kate

    Oh my, I’ve been thinking of you all day today. Hope you still have power and are safe.

    And once you dig yourself out, the photo opps will be plentiful! Hang in there!

    1. soonie2 Post author

      I love a good blizzard as long as we don’t lose power and thankfully we did not this time around! We are pretty much through digging out here…going to wander around soon and hope to take a few shots.

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