of lunch and daydreams

taco soup 




I know
this is pretty random
but it’s Friday
and it’s still unbearably cold out
I’m in hibernation mode
eating comfort foods
and daydreaming
about all the things
that I want to plant in my garden this spring

happy weekend all
hope you are warm
wherever you are!

15 thoughts on “of lunch and daydreams

    1. Hope you’re staying warm out there on the streets of Boston! Thank goodness there are enough great restaurants in the area where you can cozy up with some good hot food!

  1. Your randomness is beautiful!
    Still in hibernation mode here too, but if Mr. Weatherman is telling the truth, only for another day or two. 🙂
    Have a great weekend, Susan!

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes, I’m afraid that I’ve been pretty uninspired lately, taking random shots of random things! I guess I’ll just chalk it up as more practice. I heard that it may be close to 50 degrees here later next week…so looking forward to that! Until then, happy hibernating!

  2. Oh Susan. You’re life looks so balanced and sane. Gratitude for all the friendship, support and votes! It’s very kind…. Those warm tones of these photos are perfect!

    1. Balanced and sane? Haha, the camera can certainly fool the eye! I loved all your photos by the way! Much thanks to you also for your continued friendship and support!!!

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