my trail guide!

the forest through the trees

frozen river

winter banks

hard to believe that just last week, the temps rose close to 50 degrees
my son and I escaped to explore some of the trails
of The Great Meadows Wildlife Preserve in Concord
unfortunately, we were pressed for time that day
so we only walked a short part of the many trails
but it’s such a beautiful area, we will definitely be back!

and speaking of escaping…

since the Arctic front came through, I’ve been in hibernation mode
a good time to cozy up by the fire with a good book
and I found the perfect one


my friend Pam has just published her first E-Book and her timing couldn’t have been better
just what I was looking for to take my mind off the cold
“The Right Wrong Man” starts off in Boston and it’s suburbs – The North End, Harvard Square and yes, even Great Meadows, and continues to the warm beaches of St. Thomas. It is full of intrigue, romance and suspense. Pam’s vivid descriptions gave me the feeling that I was watching everything unfold on the big screen in a movie theater.

 whether you’re hiding from winter like me
or lucky enough to be relaxing on a beach somewhere warm
this is the perfect book
just an all-around fun read!

15 thoughts on “escaping

  1. I used to work in Concord when I lived in MA. 🙂
    It is indeed a wonderful area, as you have so beautifully captured here.

    Ok, definitely off to check out this book. Sounds like a good one!

    1. Really? I love Concord and now I’m anxious to get back to that conservation area. So happy you plan to check out Pam’s book, it’s a fun read.

  2. Wow, what a sweet surprise. Thanks for enjoying The Right Wrong Man – I loved putting my characters at the Great Meadows in the beginning and end of the book – fitting, for such a beautiful place. Your photos do it justice.

    1. Well Pam, now I’m looking forward to your next book! Wish we had had more time at Great Meadows. Will get back there when the weather warms up a bit!

    1. Thanks! I have lived in this area all my life and I can’t believe that I just recently discovered Great Meadows. Can’t wait to go back and spend more time there when the weather gets a bit warmer!

  3. What a gorgeous day. Here in California the temps rose too. All weekend it was about 85 degree’s and nearly felt like summer, it was strange for January. in a day or so we are expecting 5 days of rain in a row, I personally can’t wait. I would love to walk that trail with you guys and smell and the wonderful winter smells. Awesome pictures as always.

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