What’s the railroad to me?
I never go to see
Where it ends.
It fills a few hollows,
And makes banks for the swallows,
It sets the sand a-blowing,
And the blackberries a-growing.

~Henry David Thoreau

30 thoughts on “tracks

      1. Easier said than done I’m afraid. Actually, I have a friend who is an excellent mystery writer and she just published her first E-book. Maybe she would collaborate with me here. (;

  1. Is it OK if I print this one? I want to frame it and hang it in one of my bedrooms. I absolutely love it!! It reminds me of the movie “fried green tomatoes”…

    1. Yes, by all means! I’m honored to think that my photo will be on display in France! If you do this, would you mind taking a snapshot of it on your wall and sending it to me? Thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend!

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