sleep walking

foggy footprints 

imagining the view 

summer dreaming 

park in the fog 


through the park
as in a dream
where it felt more like early April
than mid-January

14 Comments on “sleep walking

  1. very beautiful.. I like the last color ones, but the rest really suit the black and white.

    • Thanks Vicki! I was going to process them all in black and white but there was something about those leaves that changed my mind.

  2. Definitely dream-like, and what a wonderful thing to have experienced, Susan.
    These photographs are just magical.
    Happy Monday to you!

    • We have had some cold days but overall it’s been a fairly warm winter so far. Now that I’ve said that, I hear it’s going to snow tomorrow!

  3. Really beautiful – it’s been foggy here too lately and you’ve captured the beauty of the fog in these.

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