in the middle 

morning meeting 

show off 

the new kid 

well hello handsome! 


cold feet 


fowl convention

at Hager Pond
where life is harmonious
on this late afternoon
in January

14 thoughts on “diversity

    1. I agree Lisa. I had similar thoughts while taking these photos. I spent a couple hours by the pond and never witnessed a fight or even a “disagreement”!

  1. I like that shot of the goose amidst all the seagulls—he looks rather lost and like that old Sesame Street game, “which one of these is doesn’t belong?”

  2. as i scroll through your photos, i just have this overwhelming sense of peace and harmony (as you so perfectly described it). i too could sit and watch birds for hours. love the quiet reflection and solitude that comes from watching all their business. beautifully captured susan!!

    1. Funny but I have several shots of this particular goose and in each one he seems to be trying to communicate with his own reflection! Funny to watch!

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