two swans

for life

Two swans are adrift on the lake in all their splendor,
A sweet vision to behold in it’s true grandeur,
Ghostlike images that you may encounter,
Unaware of their surroudings; while they effortlessly saunter,
Lost in love with each other showing their devotion,
A sight causing one to pause with much emotion,
Quietly gliding along creating great beauty & grace,
With snow white feathers & soft plummage laced,
Swimming side by side they begin their lover’s dance,
This beautiful courtship will leave you in a trance;
As they bow their heads together to form a shape of love sublime;
While in the moonlight they illuminate a heart shape so sweet & devine,
It mirrors upon the water’s reflection,
This tranquil scene reveals nature’s pure, perfection,
These are two swans in love,
Two swans in love……

~Jean Dament

17 thoughts on “two swans

  1. i’m taking that art of composition class at BPC and i wish i could share this photo with them. really, it’s so wonderful. maybe it’s the composition or maybe it’s just the calm peaceful feeling – either way, i just absolutely adore this photo.

    1. Sounds like a great class. I would love to take something like that…I’ll have to look into some classes around here. Swans always give off that calm, peaceful feeling, don’t you think?

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