In a fog




sheep in the fog 





misty morning fog 


pea soup 



on a Monday (as I am on most Mondays!)
but this was of the pea soup variety
a heavy mist of gray
so cold and damp
it took hours to feel warm again
after returning home from my walk

19 thoughts on “In a fog

  1. So I just scrolled through the last two and a half months’ worth of your images and now find that I can’t just keep looking without saying anything…this singular post put me over…such incredible, beautiful photography…wow…that’s all…..

      1. This is where I could no longer say nothing…so pretty…the earthy colors with the light mask of fog…and yes, I enjoyed them very much…do enjoy them very much…. And no, not tired of scrolling…not with the rewards I’m finding here as I continue…thank you for sharing your images…….

      2. Scott, I just visited your site and I was blown away with your images. So inspiring! I’m heading back to linger for a while! Hoping to learn a lot from you!

      3. Such nice words, Susan…thank you…I hope you enjoy the visit as much as I’ve enjoyed my time at your place…and as for learning from me…hah! Looking through your images is like sitting in class…goodness! Time to get out my notebook and pen….. 🙂

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