a lost art

the lost art

thinking about letter writing
after receiving this lovely note yesterday in the mail
with email and all the various forms of social media
we don’t do enough of it anymore
letter writing used to be an art form
I have letters from a relative written to his wife during the Civil War
they are pure poetry
in the most beautiful handwriting (another lost art)
I used to have good handwriting
but it’s gotten sloppy over the years

how about you?
do you still write letters?
do you get giddy like me when you find a personal note in your mailbox?

*note to self: make letter writing a New Year’s resolution



7 thoughts on “a lost art

  1. love the idea of letter writing as a resolution!! you are so right. seems like the more connected we are electronically that we have lost the ‘art’ of communication.

  2. I too love the idea of letter writing. Unfortunately I have a “familial tremor” which is the shake that Kate Hepburn had. I take medication for it which controls all visible shaking. What it doesn’t control is my fine motor control i.e. printing, writing etc… which has been destroyed. As a result my handwriting is almost completely illegible. For me computers are a godsend. Thus for me photography is the perfect creative outlet! 🙂

  3. I used to write a lot of letters when I was a kid (I had penpals for a long time). the coming of electronic means of communication sure put an end to that… and yes, it does make me kind of giddy to receive personal notes, which hardly ever happens – or maybe that’s the exact reason why 🙂
    writing letters is sure a form of art – there are great examples of it to be found in the correspondence of famous authors (and ‘ordinary’ people as well)

    love your image, by the way!

  4. I write letters to my family and friends. They rarely write back but when I see them or talk with them on the phone they always tell me to keep writing. 😉

  5. What a wonderful post this is, Susan.
    I honestly cannot remember the last time I wrote or received a hand written letter.
    Something I would definitely like to do, but I am not sure I know anyone who would prefer letters over email. 😦

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