amidst the debris

on this Halloween
the trees are mostly stripped of leaves
except for those stubborn oaks and the bittersweet vines
the storm blanketed our yard with a carpet of debris
and now we are cleaning up
drying off
and thankful that we made it through unscathed


stubborn oak 





while life continues to get back to normal here
my thoughts are with my friends who have not been so fortunate
especially in New York and New Jersey
hoping for a speedy restoration


and for those lucky to be able to trick-or-treat tonight

Be safe

Happy Halloween!

halloween past

6 thoughts on “amidst the debris

  1. you have some great posts here, I’m happy I found your blog!
    good to know you’re safe. happy halloween, too 🙂

    1. Thanks Kate. It’s amazing that we didn’t lose entire trees with that ferocious wind. So glad that it’s behind us now and hoping that next Halloween is much less scary!

  2. I am so glad that you are okay, and my heart breaks for those who are not.
    These are truly such beautiful images, and I just love that little popcorn goblin!
    Happy Halloween to you!

    1. Thanks Lisa. Hard to watch all those images of devastation on the tv these days, especially in NY and NJ. Happy to hear that you were spared. Happy Halloween to you too!

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