waiting for Frankenstorm






last year around this time
we were hit with a big storm
wind, snow, falling trees and branches
without heat or electriciy for days
huddled under blankets
Halloween was postponed

and now here we are again
awaiting another storm headed up the coast
will history repeat itself?
will Frankenstorm haunt us this Halloween?
time will tell

today I’ll take one last look
at all the vivid orange, yellow and red
because I have a feeling that
very soon
I’ll be staring at gray
for quite a long time!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

and if you are in the path of Frankenstorm,

please stay safe!

20 thoughts on “waiting for Frankenstorm

  1. Love your colors and your spirit of the season (spirit – get it?). Crossing fingers for you that Frankenstorm withers and goes back where it belongs (to the ocean). My brother and wife are visiting us in CA (from MD) and supposed to fly home Monday. Gulp.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Busy taking all decorations in today while waiting for this storm to hit. Hope that wherever you are, you’re not in the path! Thanks as always for visiting!

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