saturday surprise


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she appeared in my yard very early this morning
she’s the brave one
while her mother and sister hid in the woods
nervously keeping an eye on her


even though they come back to our neighborhood every year at this time
 I’m always amazed to see them
such a nice surprise

and another nice surprise…

today I’m featured over at Shutter Sisters!
So come on over and visit me!

6 Comments on “saturday surprise

  1. what a happy surprise to see your beautiful photos at shutter sisters this morning! congrats on the feature. 🙂

    • Thanks Lisa! My eyes were still half closed this morning when I took these. I’m just happy the deer is at least identifiable!

  2. Aren’t they just wonderful creatures? They take my breath away whenever I see them on my morning runs.
    I “saw” you this morning on Shutter Sisters. and thought, “Hey I know her!” Wonderful feature, and what a way to kickstart your weekend! : )

    • They are so amazing! Some of my neighbors complain that the deer destroy their shrubs but I don’t care, they are welcome in my yard! And yes, it was a nice surprise to be on Shutter Sisters, I’ve been smiling all weekend! Thanks so much Kate!

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