a lost art?

The climbing tree

growing up, my friends and I were master tree climbers
there wasn’t a tree we couldn’t shimmy up in our neighborhood
and we built a tree house in the Willow in my parent’s backyard
but my grandmother had the best trees
we climbed to pick the freshest fruit on her apple and pear trees
and manuevering up to the top of the Butternut was a daily excercise
the view was spectacular!
this summer, when I spotted this big old tree on Cape Cod
it brought back memories of all those fearless climbing adventures
my question is
do kids still climb trees?

5 Comments on “a lost art?

  1. My kids are 23 and 24 now, but oh yes, they did climb trees, and I with them!
    There are still remnants of their first tree house in the old maple tree in our back yard.
    Such wonderful memories!

  2. Yay! Thank goodness. We have many new families in our neighborhood with young kids but it seems like they spend very little time outside – compared to when my boys were young and the “hood” was always a buzz with kids playing out in the yards, on the sidewalks, etc.

  3. My, certainly hope so! I suppose it is up tot he parents. When I was a child, mom simply didn’t allow us to waste away the hours in front of the tv. I can’t imagine how more difficult it is these days for parents with all the technology they have to contend with.

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