a late summer morning

and life is good


time to rise and shine!



a spider spins and climbs

Mr. Goldfinch nibbles at the feeder

while a blue jay waits,  surprisingly quiet in the oak tree


there’s fresh sugar water for the hummer

and Chip climbs out on the woodpile


he will join me on the deck, as he does most mornings, with his cheeks full of seeds

but then I catch a glance of my dining room while grabbing a cup of coffee

“college packing central”

and it’s back to reality

7 Comments on “a late summer morning

  1. I’m curious… do the turkeys actually roost on your chairs? Love your shot of the little chippy, too cute.


    • Not sure if they were there during the night but they both were perched in the chairs when I got up this morning!

  2. These photos are amazing! We’d heard about your wild turkeys – looks like they’re right at home. I e-mailed you with daughter’s address. :+)

    • Thanks Pam and yes, I just got your email. I’m afraid those turkeys are getting a little too comfortable here.

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