hmmm, not sure how I got up here


it’s a long way down and not much room to spread my wings


so I’ll just jump…


mission accomplished


ahhhh, so much better!

9 Comments on “dilemma

    • You know, it’s funny…I put these old adirondack chairs in the back of my yard thinking that someday I’ll re-paint them. This summer it seems that the turkeys and the squirrels have gotten more use out of them than we ever did!

  1. LOL! Great dialog. Most people don’t realize that turkey’s can fly and do spend time in trees. Even so, they aren’t quite elegant when they do! I bet this turkey is quite embarrassed that you caught her!

    • I was one of those people until a turkey flew up to our roof and slept there all night! I’m also surprised at how fast they can run!

    • Thanks Lisa. These turkeys visit our yard at least twice per day now. My husband threatens to cook one or two of them on Thanksgiving…(he’s just kidding)!

  2. Your dialogue from the turkey’s perspective is perfect! Too funny. There is nothing more amazing than watching the wild turkeys fly into the trees to roost for the night. Well except perhaps seeing them relax on your adirondack chairs in your back yard. 🙂


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