Nobska Light


Nobska Light


The Light-Keeper

The brilliant kernel of the night,
The flaming lightroom circles me:
I sit within a blaze of light

Held high above the dusky sea.
Far off the surf doth break and roar
Along bleak miles of moonlit shore,

Where through the tides the tumbling wave
Falls in an avalanche of foam
And drives its churned waters home
Up many an undercliff and cave.

~ Robert Louis Stevenson

4 Comments on “Nobska Light

  1. I am fortunate enough to live near the sea (North Shore of Massachusetts. I just read your about page and you are from Central Mass! I grew up in Chicopee, more western of you, and my husband works in Marlborough – yes, quite the commute. Small world, huh?)

    Lighthouses just seem magical…like ‘special’ people get to live there. The bue sky is wonderful in these. Like the perfect summer day exemplified.

    • You are so fortunate! I’ve always dreamed of living by the ocean….maybe someday. That’s too funny, I’ve been out in the Chicopee area as my son goes to college close to there and we live right next door to Marlborough. Wow, I guess your husband does have a long commute! Yup, it is a very small world!

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