one of those days


Had to push myself out the door today. My sluggish body can’t take the heat and humidity anymore and I’m actually starting to look forward to some cool, crisp, fall-like air.  I noticed that the acorns are just starting to drop.

6 Comments on “one of those days

  1. Oh, I just love this photo. It is SO typical of my morning runs (except I wear Brooks instead of new Balance)!

    • Thank you Kate. Yes, I’ve been wearing New Balance for years. They are a local company, so I remain faithful (plus I’m just a creature of habit)!

  2. Lovely work here (snuck on over from Rebecca’s blog). I am “lucky” these days in that my cardio workouts are indoors in the A/C (broke my foot last year and still nervous about pounding it on the pavement). But my poor hubby faces the heat and humidity and I thinkt he only way he makes it through is knowing a refreshing dip in the pool is awaiting him! Bravo for keeping upt with fitness in these trying weather days! (Even though I’m inside I can still relate to the “sluggish body syndrome” many mornings). 😉

    • Oh my, I don’t blame you for not wanting to hit the pavement after breaking your foot. I don’t always run outside, in fact I too have to limit running on pavement since I have some arthritis in my left knee. I do many runs inside on my treadmill. It’s not fun getting old! Thanks for dropping by…nice to meet you!

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