on pause


for a few days

playing hookey

and looking forward to spending some time at the Cape with my husband and sons

Eric will be driving here from Ohio and Andy of course, is there for the summer

(and I’m so happy to report that the light opera that they performed, Ruddigore, got rave reviews)

it’s been months since we have all been together.

and speaking of the Cape, I have a new photo friend that I would like to introduce you to.  Her name is Elizabeth and she’s a photographer currently living on Cape Cod.  She shares her many wonderful works on her blog, Elizabeth Thomas, Photography of Cape Cod.

Originally from Connecticut, followed by a number of years in Canada, then several towns here and there in Massachusetts I have been fortunate enough to finally settle on Cape Cod for the past 20+ years. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful New England scenery has helped to inspire the love I have always had for photography. Being an avid gardener I truly appreciate beautiful landscapes, flowers, birds, sunsets and the environment! Travels within the United States and beyond have afforded me opportunities to take some fabulous photos!
So be sure to stop by, meet her family and her dogs and be amazed at her wonderful photos!
and if I’m not back
I’d like to wish you all
a very happy
4th of July
in advance!


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